Minerals West Coast is the collective voice for West Coast Miners. 

Membership is open to all miners, mining organisations, and associated parties who wish to support our mission to promote, encourage, and support the people who work in the extractive industries on the West Coast. 

We also welcome donations from those who wish to support our work. 

Please use the payment form at the bottom of this page, or contact us to request an invoice.

Aratuna Freighters Limited
Arrow Mining 2010 Limited
Bathurst Resources Limited
BCP Associates (New Zealand) Limited
Boatman’s Gold Limited
Birchfields Ross Mining Limited
Brian Blacktopp Limited
Brightwater Engineering Limited
BRM Developments Limited
Coast Toyota Limited
Coopers Drilling Services Limited
Cory Sutherland
Croft T Limited
DaBaJinKuang Limited
Danny Walker
Davis Ogilvie Limited
Dispatch and Garlick Limited
Eco Drilling Limited
Elect Mining Limited
Equip Engineering Limited
Fahey Contracting Limited
Federation Mining Limited
G Trax Limited
Glenys Perkins Consulting Limited
Graham Ferguson
Greenbriar Limited
Greypower Gold Limited
Henry Adams Contracting Limited
Hose and Hydraulic Centre Limited
Liddell Contracting Limited
MBD Contracting Limited
McCann Mining Limited
Michael Back
Mill Creek Mining Limited
Mine Waste Management Limited
ML Contracting Limited
Montgomery Gold Limited
Mountain Range Resources Limited
MS Moore Contracting Limited
My Own Mining Limited
New Creek Mining Limited
New Talisman Limited
New Zealand Institute for Minerals to Materials Research Limited
New Zealand Mines Rescue Trust
Paramount Mining Limited
Patrick Meates
Phoenix Mining Limited
Pine Ridge Mining Limited
Port Contractors Limited
Port Elizabeth Utilities Limited
Porter Hire Limited
Prospect Solutions Limited
R.B Devlin Auto Electrical Limited
RAD Hokitika Limited
Rua Gold Limited
Rosco Contractors Limited
Santana Minerals Limited
SGS New Zealand Limited
Smith Diesel Limited
South Sea Properties Limited
Tai Poutini Polytechnic Limited
Teronick Mining Limited
Terra Firma Limited
Verum Group Limited
Vivienne Bull Tenement Consultant Limited
Westland Consultancy Limited
William Perry